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We are extremely happy to say we have been awarded ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ by Thurrock Borough Council under the new Animal Welfare Regulations

We feel dog training is not just about your puppy/dog learning to sit or lay down on command, it’s so much more. It’s about understanding what your puppy/dog is trying to communicate with you, and for you be able to give them the best start in life and build a friendship and bond that will last a lifetime. We like to encourage all family members to get involved with your puppy/dogs training, this is key to ensuring everyone, two legs and four has positive experiences that will help set the foundations for a life long friendship with your new bundle of fun.

Having over 20years experience in dog training and behaviour we have seen many changes in the approach to dog training in that time. Having a huge understanding of how dogs communicate with other dogs and humans is the bases for all modern day training techniques. I have trained all of my own dogs past and present. I was very young when I trained my first dog Muffin, not at a dog training school but in my parents home and garden and all with a little imagination. I trained Muffin to do countless tricks and even agility made up of buckets, pieces of wood and ramps, all based on my horse riding background. We were fortunate to have 18yrs with Muffin.

We enjoy teaching and watching owners and dogs confidence grow as their knowledge expands throughout their dog training journey. Puppies and dogs are so willing to please and all for a treat or two, a toy or even just a fuss and good boy/girl. Most importantly, our dog training is about having fun and building lots of positive experiences between owners and their dogs. When we understand our dogs there are no limits to what you can achieve together.
We like to guide clients through this process in a positive way of teaching and with an understanding of how their dogs learn and read us. Helping owners to avoid negative and harsh handling, which can lead to a puppy/dog shutting down and being unable to learn or process what we are asking of them.

Our experience is endless, personally I have completed a variety of dog training and Behavioural courses including Initial, Intermediate, Advanced and Advanced Plus with Richard Clark (A judge on the TV series Dog Borstal) and owner/head trainer of Barking Mad dts and the very well known Mic Martin (Dog Borstal). This was the foundation of my training, the course coverered all different methods of dog training and behavior, from basic pet dog training, clicker training, obedience, gun dog training, working trials, dog agility and other dog sports, assistance dogs, sniffer dogs and lots more.
My personal journey with dogs began many years ago, from the age of just 7. I have a real passion for gun dog breeds, Flatcoated Retrievers in particular which i have had the pleasure of owning and training for over 30years, they are such a wonderful breed but don’t be fooled, they can be stubborn and will certainly give a novice owner a run for their money. I have trained all my own flatties in competitive obedience, agility, flyball, working trials, searches, tracking, service dog, tricks and much much more. They are a very versatile in their ability and problem solving.

As with all dog training and behaviour techniques we never stop learning. We are always looking for ways to further educate ourselves by attending workshops and courses with some of the UK and International best known trainers and behaviourists. This allows us to continue to keep up to date with CPD’s, while allowing us to expand our knowledge and have a greater understanding of how we can help dogs and owners grow together. We are here to help you on your journey.

here are just a few of the specialist subjects we are trained in

How a dogs brain works and the effects it can have on their behaviour and learning
Memory and how it affects our dogs long term emotional state
Understanding dogs body language advanced level
How stress can affect the learning process and the immune system and auto immunity.
Human and dog relationships and the impact of separation anxiety
Understanding Separation Anxiety
TTouch and TTouch how posture affects behaviour.
Clicker Training
Rescue dog incoming and how to prepare them for success
Dogs and Children do’s and dont’s
Adolescents in dogs
How to help the possessive dog
Understanding calming signals and trigger stacking
Understanding your dogs Threshold
Puppy Health and wellness
Puppy Development
Relationship Building for puppies and dogs
Understanding Puppy socialisation
Getting to grips with Toilet Training and Puppy Biting
Canine vocalisation
Canine emotion
Dog - Dog interaction
Reactive Dog
Canine Compulsive Behaviours

Our knowledge and years of experience speak for themselves.

Foundation Training for Puppies

Give your puppy a foundation with which you can build on throughout their lives.

we run human only talks on how to choose the right puppy or dog for you. We can give you lots of information on how to choose the right breeder and what to look for when visiting them at their home. We will also guide you through what you will need for when your bring your new bundle of fun home and how to set yourself up for success on common issues such as play biting, toileting and lots more.

We can guide you through the early learning stages in your puppies life, key stages of development and the affects that positive and negative experiences can have on our puppies. Understanding a puppies needs is key to their development, processing, learning and training so it's essential to get the early stages of learning absolutely right And to help give your puppy the best foundation you possibly can.

The aim of foundation training is to teach your puppy:

Socialization ~ Attentive response to name ~ Puppy recall ~ Sit/down/stand ~ Walk nicely on a lead without pulling ~ Play with puppy ~ Watch me (to teach focus) ~ Food manners ~ Door manners ~ Leave ~ Wait ~ Take an item away from puppy ~ Build a bond between owner and puppy ~ Handling and inspection to maintain health (helpful for trips to the vets)


Agility ~ Classes and workshops available upon request. Please call for further information

1-2-1 Training

Focused individual attention for you and your dogs needs. Available in your own home or at our training centre.

1.2.1 Dog Training ~ 1hr session can be booked on a weekly basis depending on your needs and the needs of your dog.
Behaviour consultations ~ A 2hr consultation is advisable to discuss your concerns and a two week management programme to help with any difficulties you may be experiencing.

Deposits are required when booking any of the above to secure your day, time and space. Courses must be paid in full at the beginning of each course. Unfortunately deposits and courses are non-refundable or transferable should you be unable to attend a class during the course. 1-2-1 Training courses must be used within 3months of start date.

Agility workshops/classes must be paid in full in advanced as these spaces are limited.

We also run workshops on the following subjects:

Understanding Separation Anxiety
Firework fears and many more

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