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Doggy Daycare

We are extremely happy to say we have been awarded ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ by Thurrock Borough Council under the new Animal Welfare Regulations
Daycare for dogs in Fobbing, Essex

The first modern Doggy Daycare Centre originated in New York in 1987. Since then its popularity has grown and grown and doggy daycare centres all over the world are now in great demand. They provide a cage-free environment for dogs to play, interact and socialise under the supervision of trained staff/team members and all in a safe and controlled environment. The benefits to doggy daycare are that dog owners can continue with their busy work and family schedules and are happy to know their dogs are being exercised and stimulated on a daily basis during their absence.

We are very proud to be a 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rated Doggy Daycare 😃😃😃

Welcome, here at Bella Paws doggy daycare & puppy crèche we are looking forward to another exciting year and we are always looking for ways we can improve our services and your pups/dogs play days at our daycare. We will be adding some awesome new features this year so watch this space 😃

We have recently expanded our dedicated team and have welcomed some wonderful students who have joined us on their journey.
Space in our daycare are limited so please call us on 07894 555705 or 07507 601106 to secure your space in our 5 ⭐️ doggy daycare & puppy crèche 🐶 accept only the best for your puppy/dogs.

About us and our daycare facilities

Our experience and knowledge in dog training and behaviour gives us a very good understanding of how dogs interact with each other and in large groups. All dogs need socialisation to help them cope with modern day to day life. When we talk about socialisation this can be human interaction, dog interaction, habituation is also vital such as introducing them to new experiences, smells and environments, car journeys, trips to the vets. Without the appropriate socialisation dogs can become nervous, anxious and even scared of anything around them, even a walk can suddenly become a scary experience for your pup/dog.

socialisation in our doggy daycare can help build confidence, safe play and interaction with other friendly dogs. It provides mental stimulation and physical activities for your dog to enjoy and all in a safe and controlled environment.

Set within seven acres, our doggy daycare provides a safe, yet fun environment for your dog in a lovely rural location with easy access to the A13. Based in Thurrock, we hope to provide a much needed service where local dog owners can look forward to bringing their dogs with an experienced team of trained professionals.

Our aim
Is to ensure your dogs enjoy a fun filled day with lots of socialisation to encourage safe interaction with other friendly dogs, cuddles and attention from our experienced team and lots of mental stimulation during their play day. We do encourage good manners and give guidance while in our care, this can include gate, door and other basic manners such as sit, come, down, wait and more.
Our doggy daycare can also help build confidence in shy, timid or fearful dogs. When interaction between dogs is handled gradually and in an encouraging and confident way, it can become a positive experience and the more we build positive experiences the more confident your dog will become.

We base your dogs play day on your dogs age, energy levels and individual needs.

Dogs are supervised at all times and never left alone. Daycare can help with behavioural problems in the home such as unwanted chewing, barking, digging, stress and other anxiety problems associated with being left alone or on their own for long periods of time. This is also helpful for dogs who may be suffering from separation anxiety or puppies and older dogs who are unable to be left for long periods.

Dogs in field at Bella Paws daycare centre in Fobbing, Essex

Our facilities
With safe and secure facilities such as our large indoor area for those rainy days and three outdoor play areas, one acre natural grass paddock, an adventure playground and an artificial grass paddock complete with drainage which will keep your dogs totally mud free during the winter months, as well as a further 4.5 acres to run around in. We have climbing frames, tunnels, water pools for splashing around in and keeping dogs cool in the summer months, balls and ball pools, toys, trees, nice comfy clean sofas to lay on, plenty of dog beds and blankets, relaxing zone and lots lots more, we are sure your dogs will LOVE you for choosing our doggy daycare and best of all, you will come home to a happy, content and tired dog.

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of all dogs in our care, all we ask is:

  • Your dog must attend an initial assessment to ensure they are suitable for our doggy daycare.
  • Your dog is up to date with vaccinations, kennel cough and follow a flea control program.
  • Your dog must attend daycare a minimum of once a week to register for our daycare. Holidays an exception, terms and conditions apply.
  • We reserve the right to turn away any dogs that are unsuitable for doggy day care or are unwell on arrival.
  • We welcome dogs of all ages. We do prefer male dogs to be neutered however, puppy’s and younger dogs are an exception as long as they are well behaved. We do not accept un neutered Male dogs over 1 year of age. We do not accept male dogs who are intended for, or are used for breeding. Bitches do not need to be spayed; however they are unable to attend day care while in season.
  • T&C’s must be filled in and signed before attendance to our doggy daycare facilities. 
    We have a strict 48hr cancellation policy in place.

Puppies up to 6 months of age can be fed during the day. Puppies that need feeding are fed alone. Food must be provided by the owner. Puppies are rested for an hour after feeding.

Please read information on BLOAT or GDV.

Why do we recommend your pup/dog(s) attend daycare a minimum of once a week?

We recommend a minimum of one day a week, this is because one human day is equivalent to 7 days for a pup/dog, attending one day a week will ensure your pup/dog benefits fully from their experience here with us.
If you have chosen daycare for your dog for socialisation or confidence reasons, we do advise that your dog attends at least two days a week at first to fully see the benefits from their experience.

Your welcome to come and view our facilities. To book an appointment or for further information please call 07894 555705 or 07507 601106

Please note

Our daycare is open 8am-5pm weekdays. Collection and drop off is available upon request and is charged accordingly depending on your location.

Sadly not all dogs are suitable for doggy daycare. When assessing dogs for their suitability we look at many aspects of a dogs behaviour such as body language and how they interact with other dogs. It’s extremely important to our team that dogs attending daycare have an enjoyable experience. We are highly experienced and trained in dog body language and can read subtle signs that tell us how a dog is feeling, signs that less experienced doggy daycares may not pick up on.

All puppies and dogs must attend a 2hr assessment and temperament test to asses their suitability for our daycare & puppy crèche.
We reserve the right to turn dogs away that are not suitable for daycare. This is not a reflection on your dog at all. All dogs are amazing, it’s simply that we feel that your dog may not be able to cope in large group of playful dogs. Your dogs health and well-being and the health and well-being of all dogs in our care are our main concern.

Due to the busy nature of our daycare we are unable to offer half days.


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